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Lighting Efficiency Retrofits

Improving lighting in the name of energy efficiency is an important — and very achievable — goal, however, if not properly designed and planned, energy retrofits can degrade the quantity and quality of lighting, nullifying the benefit of any energy savings. The solution? Contact the professionals at Empire Electrical.

The key with a retrofit is to maintain uniformity and light quality while simultaneously boosting efficiency. For example, if an upgrade isn’t properly designed, there may be a drop off in foot candles between fixtures.

The size of the energy savings depends on how old the existing lighting system is. With a system that pre-dates 1990, a wholesale retrofit is in order. But that doesn’t mean newer lighting systems aren’t candidates for upgrades. For example, the current generation of T8 lamps includes models that offer greater lumen output, while ballast options include high- and low-output models designed for such lamps. Properly applied, these lamps can produce energy savings compared to standard T8 systems, plus the ability to customize lumen levels to a specific space.

A lighting upgrade is an opportunity to take a step back and rethink aspects of a lighting system that was designed 10 or more years ago. Even with seemingly simple project, there may be a lot to consider and the the choices may seem daunting. Empire Electrical contractors can help simplify the process and provide effective solutions to get the most out of your energy efficient lighting.